In Europe, Global Garden Products (GGP) has a leading position for both riders and walk-behind lawn mowers, under such brands as Stiga. Bosch of Germany competes primarily for electrical and battery-powered garden products, while Hozelock of the UK has a strong position in garden tools and watering, mainly in the U.K. and the Nordic region. Fiskars has a strong position in garden tools. Stihl is a competitor in several categories, primarily for handheld petrol-driven products such as chainsaws and trimmers in the high-price segment. Other competitors include Modern Tool and Die Company (MTD) and Toro in the U.S.

In Americas the major competitors include the U.S. companies John Deere, Modern Tool and Die (MTD) and Toro, as well as Stihl of Europe. Husqvarna competes with John Deere and MTD mainly in lawn mowers and garden tractors for consumers. Toro is a competitor in riders for professional users and riders and walk-behind lawn mowers for consumers. Stihl is strong in several categories, primarily chainsaws, clearing saws and trimmers for the high-price segment. Husqvarna also competes with John Deere and Toro in park and garden tools for professional users.

Major competitors in terms of equipment for the construction industry include Hilti, Tyrolit, as well as Stihl of Germany for power cutters.