The Group's fundamental strategy is based on four pillars: strong brands, a competitive product offering, an efficient global distribution network and a flexible supply chain.

Short-term, the business focuses on the Group's accelerated improvement program that includes important measures aimed at improving the operating margin to ensure the long-term objective of 10 percent.

Strategic pillars

Strong brands: Prioritize Husqvarna and Gardena in brand investment and product innovation, further strengthen Husqvarna's position as a professional brand in the dealer channel, reducing the number of other brands and only continue with the production of private label where it reduces costs significantly or add significant value for own brands.

Competitive product offering: Sustain product leadership by reducing the number of product platforms, leave certain product areas and target investments to products in the core areas.

Efficient global distribution network: Increase sales to retailers through new pricing model and an enhanced offering in the aftermarket and using online and web tools.

Flexible supply chain: Consolidate production facilities and warehouses, standardize components and materials andthereby reduce the complexity to reduce purchasing costs and increase flexibility.