Competitive product offering

Husqvarna Group has a broad and competitive product offering with leading market positions and an innovative history in many areas. Success is built on continued investments in user-focused product development to maintain technological and innovative product leadership.

Growth and margin through innovation

Growth and margin is primarily driven by continued launch of high quality, high performing products for professional users, as well as attractive and optimized products for consumers. Achieving growth thus requires a differentiated product offering for the different distribution channels as well as for the different brands. 

A common global, consumer-insight based process for product development ensures precision in the launch and quality of new products, innovation and realization of cost synergies.

Product leadership in core product categories

The goal is to be the leader in the core product categories. However, maintaining a strong partnership with dealers and retailers involves providing a complete product range, which includes also offering competitive products outside of the core areas.

The main focus areas going forward are professional handheld products, robotic lawnmowers and watering products. In these areas the Group enjoys strong leadership positions, high margins and competitive advantages. A greater share of investments, marketing and sales efforts will therefore be devoted to these areas.

Husqvarna Group has extensive resources and advanced competence for product development. In professional handheld products, the Group has world-leading expertise in engine technology for two-stroke engines which has been built over many years of sustained development.

Mainly battery-powered products, within the Electric category, have received a lot of the Group’s attention and have a promising growth potential. The Group is the market leader in one of the fastest growing product areas within lawn and garden - robotic lawn mowers.  

Thanks to innovative strength and strong user benefits, the Group has achieved leading consumer market positions in Europe for watering products under the Gardena brand. Besides sustained innovation levels there is also potential to geographically expand the business further in Europe.

Value engineering for product cost reduction

Products becoming increasingly more global or regional create opportunities to reduce the number of product platforms and local variants. Discontinuing selected platforms will reduce complexity and cut cost. Together with increased efforts in design for manufacturing these are important steps in the aim for reduced development cost per unit.


  • Product leadership through innovation, design and time-to-market.
  • Focus on leveraging leadership positions in professional handheld products, robotic lawn mowers and watering products.
  • Reduce number of product platforms and increase value engineering efforts to enable manufacturing and sourcing cost reductions.