We want people to grow

Husqvarna Group has a well-developed process for talent management. It evaluates, develops and ensures access to future managers through both succession and mobility planning.

The process starts with an annual individual review, during which goal achievement and performance are evaluated, and new goals are defined for the coming period. In order to reinforce work on leadership development, in 2008 the Group introduced a tool for 360-degree evaluation. It is used selectively to provide managers and key specialists with feedback on their leadership from colleagues and their immediate superiors.

Because Husqvarna Group places great importance on the ability to work as a team, teams are evaluated annually with employee surveys. On the basis of the evaluations of both teams and team members, personnel development is implemented mainly by on the job training, but also by other activities such as educational programs, coaching and feedback, job rotation and promotion to new positions within the Group.

The process is driven by Group Staff Human Resources in close cooperation with local HR managers and line managers, who play an active role in this respect.