Create long-term value

Husqvarna Group's overall objective is to create long-term value for its shareholders and other stakeholders. This requires effective corporate governance with an appropriate organizational structure, systems for internal control and risk management, and transparency.

Husqvarna AB is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm and applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

The Corporate Governance Report was prepared by the company’s Board of Directors and has been reviewed by the company’s auditors. The review for 2015 did not result in any deviations from the code.

Husqvarna Group’s corporate governance is based on external and internal regulatory frameworks, including Husqvarna AB’s Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act, the NASDAQ Stockholm Rule Book for Issuers, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, other applicable Swedish and foreign legislation and regulations, as well as internal codes, policies and guidelines.