Internal boards

As support for the President and CEO and Group Management, Husqvarna Group has established internal Boards in the following areas:

The Global Purchasing Council (GPC) is a decision-making forum that coordinates the Group’s purchasing globally and among the business units. The GPC ensures transparency in the purchasing process as well as uniformity in terms of working methods, purchasing tools, contracts and processes throughout the organization. The Group Staff Council, which consists of three of the Group Staff Heads, the CFO, the Head of Legal Affairs and the Head of People & Organization, convene when necessary and primarily decides on administrative, policy and personnel issues, as well as pensions.

The Finance Board is an internal Board which ensures that the financial policy authorized by the Board of Directors is communicated and complied with throughout the Group. This policy includes guidelines for the organization and management of the Group’s financial operations, permissible risk exposure, levels of risk, and the reporting thereof. The Finance Board comprises the President, the CFO and the Group Treasurer.

The Sustainability Council, an internal decision-making body, comprises the entire Group Management and convenes quarterly. Representatives for Communications, Environmental Affairs and the responsible for Health and Safety present proposals and reports on sustainability work in the Group. The Council was established to ensure that Husqvarna’s operations are conducted in a responsible manner in order to achieve development that is economically, socially and ecologically sustainable. The Council’s responsibilities includes all the Group’s activities and processes, and is aimed at creating long-term value for shareholders, employees and other stakeholders who affect or are affected by the Group’s operations.