Proud of our products

Technology from a sustainability perspective

Battery products

Battery products have a significantly reduced environmental impact across the product life cycle compared to petrol-driven products and the Group is investing in developing more battery products. 

Robotic mower

Automower® was developed by Husqvarna Group and was the first solar-powered robotic lawn mower on the market. The robotic mower  is silent and efficient, emits no exhaust gases and features low energy consumption. The Group has launched robotic mowers under several brands such as Husqvarna, Gardena and Flymo.


Launched in 2009, AutoTune is a technological and environmental breakthrough in professional chainsaws. AutoTune uses a computer chip to regulate the flow of fuel to the engine, which optimizes performance and minimizes exhaust emissions. It has received the internal Husqvarna award for Best Green Innovation, 2009.

Hybrid technology

The Automower® Solar Hybrid is driven by both solar cells and batteries. The solar panel reduces energy consumption and extends the lifetime of the batteries.


The X-TORQ® engine technology developed by Husqvarna for two-stroke engines reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, and maintains high performance. X-TORQ® reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%, and exhaust emissions by up to 60-75%, depending on the model/product. This new technology reduces fuel costs as well as emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, and also generates a better working environment.

Environmental fuel and lubricants

Husqvarna was one of the first to offer environmentally modified fuels and lubricants, such as alkylate petrol, which has much lower levels of benzene and olefins than conventional petrol. The Group has also developed Vegoil, an optimized oil for chains that extends the life of the chain and reduces environmental impact.