Your development in focus

Your development is at the heart of the Husqvarna Group Global Trainee Program. During the two-year traineeship, we will work closely with you to help you grow as a leader from a number of perspectives:

  • Personal leadership: we support you to improve your personal effectiveness, such as time management, presentation skills, and cross-cultural communication. We will work with you to help enhance your self-awareness so that you can maximize your impact both as an individual and as a team member. 

  • People leadership: you will have the opportunity to build a strong network that reaches across and beyond the Husqvarna Group. You will develop your ability to set and follow-up on goals for yourself and others, to give and receive feedback effectively, and to work successfully across our matrix organization. You will learn what it means to live our core values and to be a true ambassador for the Husqvarna Group. 

  • Business leadership: you will get to know Husqvarna Group’s business, the competitive landscape in which we operate, and our strategic priorities. You will learn important functional skills to help you succeed and will deep-dive into your key area of interest, whether it be Product Development, Purchasing, Information Services, Manufacturing or Sales. You will fine-tune your skills in project management, creative problem-solving and change management, all of which will support you to build a strong base for personal and professional success.

Your traineeship is a learning period during which you will get to know a lot about Husqvarna Group and yourself. We understand that your vision for your career may evolve during your trainee period. That said, we believe it is important to be working consistently towards a goal – being a strong leader in the position (or type of position) you anticipate taking at the close of your trainee period.


As a Husqvarna Group Global Trainee, you will have one of our Vice Presidents or another senior leader supporting you to set your two-year development goals and to identify relevant actions that will help facilitate your personal and professional development for the duration of the trainee program. You will have a mentor on hand as a sounding board to help you consider how to accelerate your progress and to navigate the challenges that are a natural part of development. In addition, you will have plenty of Husqvarna Group colleagues to help if you have any questions or would just like to share ideas.