The Group's work to promote a sustainable and responsible business is driven by the Sustainability Council.

The Sustainability Council is headed by the General Counsel and Head of Legal Affairs and has four meetings per year in conjunction with Group Management meetings.

The mission of the sustainability organization is to continuously advance a sustainability-minded culture. Key tasks include identifying and driving sustainability issues and to:

  • Ensure fulfillment of the sustainability objectives,
  • Offer the customers sustainable products, and
  • Ensure that the supply chain operates safely, using resources efficiently without polluting the environment.


Control and monitoring

The Group's own control systems include segregation of duties in critical processes and defined management responsibilities with regard to internal control. The Group has a separate Internal Audit function that continuously evaluates and improves the effectiveness of the governance process, risk management and internal control. In addition to the internal auditors, the company's operations are subject to external reviews and monitoring by the Swedish Financial supervisory Authority and the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm among others.


Corporate Governace