Sustainability governance

The strategy process led to a new brand-based organization with strong divisions which was fully implemented in January 2015. Currently, sustainability is being integrated in the divisions’ strategies and processes.

Sustainability is integrated in the divisions and is on the agenda at the divisional management meetings. At the monthly operational reviews of divisions attended by the President and CEO, Group CFO, Division President, Division Finance Manager and other members of the Division’s Management Team, the division’s business is discussed to ensure progress and to provide Group insight into each of the divisions’ activities (past and planned).

On the Group level, a VP Sustainability Affairs was appointed, responsible for shaping the Group’s sustainability agenda and facilitating the divisions’ sustainability efforts, who reports to the Group’s General Counsel.

A Group EHS Manager (Environment, Health & Safety), responsible for defining, ensuring implementation and following up on the Group EHS strategy, developing global procedures/standards, coaching and challenging the divisional activities, reports to Senior Vice President Group Operations. At production facilities, the direct responsibility for issues relating to EHS rests with the production facility manager. Each production facility has one or more EHS coordinators. They drive the work with EHS at their facilities and collect and report environmental and health and safety data in Group-wide reporting systems.

Control and monitoring

The Group’s own control systems include segregation of duties in critical processes and defined management responsibilities with regard to internal control. The Group has a separate Internal Audit Function that continually evaluates and improves the effectiveness of the governance processes, risk management and internal control.

In addition to the company’s auditors, the company’s operations are subject to external reviews and monitoring by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and Nasdaq Stockholm among others.


Corporate Governace