Grow with Husqvarna Group

At Husqvarna Group, we want to continue being a world leader, and we know that our future growth is closely related to how we succeed in being a good employer, attracting, developing, and keeping qualified and motivated people. Therefore, we are continuously improving the Group’s people process through team surveys, performance management and several leadership programs.

Performance review

The Group’s performance review process focuses on evaluation of employees past performance and planning of objectives for the coming period.

Employee Survey

Husqvarna Group conducts annual employee satisfaction surveys to improve team work environment, employee engagement and manager’s communication and leadership abilities.

Developing leaders

The Group has several structured programs to increase employee attraction and build a pool of future talents.

International assignments

As an international company, we encourage mobility between functions, business units, countries and regions.

Employee recognition

Each year, colleagues within the Group are given the Husqvarna Group Excellence Award. The award recognizes and promotes significant development efforts and achievements done by individuals and teams in the Husqvarna Group.