Tax information listing in 2006

In 2006, Husqvarna AB was spun out of Electrolux AB. The distribution of shares in Husqvarna is exempt from Swedish taxation under the "Lex Asea-provisions". For shareholders not resident in Sweden, the distribution may, however, entail tax consequences in the shareholder's country of residence.

US and UK shareholders are advised to consult their own tax advisor as to the specific tax consequences of the distribution of Husqvarna shares.

For more information on Swedish, US and UK tax considerations, see the section on Tax issues, available for download.

Advice from the Swedish Tax Authority - Tax basis allocation

The Swedish Tax Authority advice on tax basis allocation between Electrolux and Husqvarna after the completed spin-off is for Swedish shareholders only.

It implies that of the original cost for one series A-share of AB Electrolux 54 percent will be allocated to that share and 46 percent will be allocated to one series A-share of Husqvarna AB. Of the original cost for one series B-share of AB Electrolux 55 percent will be allocated to that share and the remaining 45 percent to one series B-share of Husqvarna AB.

For more information in Swedish, please download the documents: