Community engagement

Community engagement projects are mainly delivered through local units and the Group has a long tradition of community engagement. Support can be in the form of time, products or money.

Transfer knowledge

The most common way of showing our engagement is by transferring knowledge and equipment to universities, forestry schools, end-customers and NGOs, such as the University of British Columbia (Canada), University of Lund (Sweden), technical equipment to local mechanical schools (U.K.), Oregon State University, Hocking College and University of Wisconsin (U.S.). Chainsaws and supplies were also donated to the National Park Service’s Arborist Incident Response (AIR) Program, Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, N.C. (U.S.).

Disaster relief

Given the Group’s product offering and operations, it is also relevant to help others preserve local environments and to support people in connection with natural disasters. This support is short-term and often in the form of providing products.

A Group-common initiative was to donate 500 chainsaws via UNHCR to help people clear the ground and build houses after the huge typhoon that hit the Philippines at the end of 2013. 

In Germany, employees donated blood to the Red Cross during working time. They also made a product donation of 40 dirt water pumps to help manage flooding in Bosnia and donated 60 chainsaws to the disaster response organization @fire international.

In the United States, Husqvarna participated in the restoration of the school-yard of a local school in Charlotte, SC, together with the Hornets (NBA basketball team).


In Australia, a customer’s vehicle in a charity rally was sponsored to raise money for Variety Children’s Charity, and donations was made to a local football team. China held winter classes for employees’ kids. Swedish employee’s Christmas gifts were donated to the organizations “Save the Children” and “Min Stora Dag”.