Corruption and fraud

Husqvarna Group has a long and prestigious history characterized by honesty and fairness in dealings with business partners and stakeholders.

The Group is determined to keep it that way and is accordingly committed to supporting fair competition by prohibiting discussions or agreements with competitors concerning pricing or market sharing.

Corruption and bribery exist in markets where the Group conducts business, however, the majority of production and sales operations are located in countries with a lower risk for corruption, as defined by Transparency International. Corruption and bribery are not tolerated in any form.

To strengthen the Group’s anti-corruption measures, the Group has close interaction with its suppliers, strengthened training in the Code in general but also where deemed necessary, the Group has translated the Code into applicable local languages, established a whistleblower function, appointed a Compliance Officer and is providing regular training for local management, employees and suppliers in countries where the risk is deemed to be higher.

The Group observes strict neutrality with regard to political parties and candidates and, consequently, does not provide monetary or other contributions or resources to any political parties or institutions.