Supply chain

Husqvarna Group has 2,300 suppliers. The 150 largest suppliers account for around 65 percent of the Group’s purchasing spend. Through a specific program, called EXCITE, the Group has close ties with thesesuppliers. During the year, two supplier days were arranged, one in Münich and one in Shanghai

Husqvarna Group’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Business Ethics outlines the Group´s standards for doing good business. The Codes addresses concrete actions within labor, human rights, product safety, environmental and ethical business practices. Suppliers are also required to follow the Restricted Materials List.

Staff from Husqvarna Group has arranged training sessions for suppliers in chemical legislations such as REACH and RoHS.

During 2015, supplier audits were conducted on suppliers in China. Four sustainability audits were made on high-risk suppliers. Additionally, 15 suppliers were revisited. Improvements had been made in the environmental and working conditions.