Per Ericson, Husqvarna Group, awarded The HR Emeritus of the Year

16 March, 2017

Per Ericson, SVP People & Organization, Husqvarna Group, has been awarded HR Emeritus of the Year within Employer Branding. The award was presented at the Universum Excellence Awards in Stockholm on March 15th.

The Husqvarna Group is working actively with its communications to current and future employees. In particular to show the opportunities that the Group can offer within its Global operations, where innovation, digitization and sustainability are top priorities.

“Our Group is in constant development and change and that makes our employee’s engagement crucial. Therefore, we always strive to offer an attractive and stimulating workplace that attracts both current and future colleagues,” says Per Ericson.

The jury’s motivation: Per Ericson has been a driving force for the Employer Branding issues for a long time in the Husqvarna Group, which has resulted in very good results. His dedication has contributed to greater awareness and participation in the management and thus had a clear effect on the matter internally. In this way, the Group has shown young engineers the breadth and depth of opportunities in the Group. Therefore Universum nominates Per Ericson, SVP People & Organization at Husqvarna Group, the winner of HR Emeritus in 2017.

“This award is above all an award to Husqvarna Group’s thousands of employees who daily makes these issues relevant as Group ambassadors. I am proud that the jury noted the long-term nature of our work on these issues. It is important to us. We have the privilege that many of our employees spend many years of their carriers within the Group and change jobs internally several times. Therefore, we need to recruit potential and create conditions for a career that makes it easy to change jobs in the Group,” says Per Ericson.

The jury considers the following criteria in its decision:

  • The person’s interest and commitment in Employer Branding issues
  • How well the person contributed to involve management in this issues
  • That the company communicates its Employer Brand in an innovative and credible way
  • The company’s Employer Branding activities led to results in, for example the measurements made by Universum

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