Product safety

Husqvarna Group’s power products should never be used when other people or animals are close by.

Since children often are attracted to these machines, the operator is requested to keep children under supervision at all times. Warnings are published on websites and in user manuals. Children are never present in our marketing material promoting our power products.

Customers are provided with easy-to-use manuals in several languages.
Ensuring safety and quality involves preparing control plans with suppliers and performing quality reviews and revalidation audits of existing products. The Group applies a tool for identifying possible risks of failures, evaluating their consequences and ranking proposed measures to avoid failures.

In 2015, the Committee on Product Safety convened 12 times, treating 10 cases related to product safety and liability. Four (4) of these resulted in preventative rework and two (2) in product service recalls. Control plans with suppliers and quality reviews and revalidation audits of existing products help ensure both safety and quality during use.