Responsible marketing

As a global market leader in outdoor power products, Husqvarna Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards for responsible marketing. The Group understands the importance of communicating fairly and transparently about its products. Marketing activities comply with all applicable local legislations and/or agreed national codes of practice as well as the Husqvarna Group’s Code of Conduct. Marketing activities and its content, regardless of brand, show respect for nature and care for people. 

Responsible use

Husqvarna Group’s products can be dangerous if not handled correctly and risks of injury and other health threats are clearly communicated. Products are only shown in safe use. Proper safety instructions, such as safe use and suggested protection equipment, are provided together with the equipment. Manuals are offered on the brands’ web sites. Products are shown in responsible use towards nature and customers are encouraged to save natural resources, such as energy and water. 

Extra precautions regarding children and pets

Several of Husqvarna Group’s products should not be used in the vicinity of children and pets. Manuals includes warnings. 


The Group does not provide misleading information in marketing, on packaging, or on its’ products. Technical data is communicated in a way that is meaningful to customers and allows a fair comparison. Emissions caused by products in use, such as noise, exhaustions and vibrations, as well as country of origin are clearly stated. The Group does not market or sell products or services that are subject of product bans in its markets.