Husqvarna is a world leader in products for the construction and stone industries. The Group's products are sold in more than 70 countries, under the Husqvarna and Diamant Boart brands. Husqvarna maintains a high rate of product development, and a number of new products and technologies have been launched in recent years.


The products comprise two categories; equipment and diamond tools for the construction industry and diamond tools for the stone industry.

Husqvarna develops, manufactures and sells mainly light construction products for cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing and demolition of concrete and other hard material and steel. Products include demolition robots and power cutters, drilling equipment, wall- and wire saws, floor- and tile saws and all related diamond tools.

Husqvarna also develops, manufactures and sells a full range of diamond tools for the natural stone cutting and grinding markets.


Products for the construction industry are sold under the Husqvarna and Diamant Boart brands. Diamant Boart is the world’s leading brand for diamond tools for the stone industry.

Size of market and position

The market is approximately SEK 20 billion, with estimated annual growth of approximately 3%. The Group has a market share of approximately 15% and is the market leader in several of its product categories.

Market drivers

The market in the construction and stone industries is driven mainly by demand for infrastructure, the business cycle, and labor costs. 

Customers and distribution

Diamond tools and equipment for the construction industry are sold mainly through rental companies and specialized dealers, but also directly to large contractors. Virtually all diamond tools for the stone industry are sold directly to companies that quarry and/or process stone.


  • The construction industry, including infrastructure projects such as road and bridge construction, renovation and construction of commercial properties, and to a lesser extent, residential properties.
  • The stone industry.


Production is located mainly at the Group's plants in Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, the US and China.


Major competitors in terms of equipment for the construction industry include Hilti of Lichtenstein, Stihl of Germany for power cutters as well as Tyrolit of Austria.




  • Focus on product development to provide market-leading technology.
  • Support growth by investing in heavy user direct sales in key mature markets.
  • Capitalize low-cost manufacturing of diamond tools in China.
  • Expand sales force and service network in emerging markets.

Strong brands

Global Premium Brand

  • Husqvarna, Diamant Boart

Efficient distribution network

  • Direct to sawing, floor grinding and demolition contractors in the stone industry.
  • Rental companies that rent equipment to building contractors and end-users.
  • Construction dealers.

Net sales and operating margin 2013

Net sales by geographical area 2013

Net sales by distribution channel 2013

Broad product offering

  • Power cutters.
  • Floor-, tile- and brick saws, ­wall- and wire saws.
  • Drill motors with stands.
  • Floor grinding machines.
  • Demolition robots.
  • All types of diamond tools for the construction industry.
  • Diamond tools for the stone industry


  • Hilti
  • Stihl
  • Tyrolit
  • Ehwa and Shinhan