Group Management

Group Management comprices the President and CEO, the Presidents of the divisions and the Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Group staffs and the Group strategic functions.

Kai Wärn
President and CEO
Pavel Hajman
President, Husqvarna Division
Sascha Menges
President, Gardena Division
Jeff Hohler
President, Consumer Brands Division
Henric Andersson
President, Construction Division
Sofia Axelsson
Senior Vice President, Group Communications, Brand & Marketing
Brian Belanger
Senior Vice President, Group Staff Legal Affairs
Valentin Dahlhaus
Senior Vice President, Group Operations
Per Ericson
Senior Vice President, Group Staff People & Organization
Francesco Franzé
Vice President, Program Office - Accelerated Improvement Program and Quality
Anders Johanson
Senior Vice President, Technology Office & CTO
Jan Ytterberg
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Pär Åström
Senior Vice President, Business Development