Board composition

Husqvarna Group’s Board of Directors shall consist of no less than five and no more than ten members, with no more than three deputies, all of whom are elected by the AGM for a period of one year. Swedish employee representative organizations also appoint two representatives, with two deputies.

The Board consists of eight members elected by the AGM.

Board members possess extensive competence and experience in areas such as industrial commerce, financial expertise, sales and marketing of consumer goods as well as a broad knowledge of the retail business and manufacturing.

Independence of the Board

The Board is deemed to comply with the independence requirements of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. Board members are not employed by the Group with the exception of the President and CEO, Kai Wärn.

The Nomination Committee’s assessment as to whether each proposed member fulfills the independence requirement will be announced in conjunction with the Nomination Committee submitting its proposals to the AGM.

Board of Directors
Name   Nationality Elected Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Independent 1)
Tom Johnstone Chairman UK 2006   Chairman (Yes/No)
Magdalena Gerger Member SE 2010     (Yes/No)
Ulla Litzén Member SE 2010 Chairman   (Yes/Yes)
David Lumley Member US 2014   Member (Yes/Yes)
Katarina Martinson Member SE 2012 Member   (Yes/No)
Bertrand Neuschwander Member FR 2016     (Yes/Yes)
Daniel Nodhäll Member SE 2013 Member   (Yes/No)
Lars Pettersson Member SE 2014   Member (Yes/No)
Kai Wärn Member SE 2014     (No/Yes)
Soili Johansson Employee representative SE       -
Annika Ögren Employee representative SE       -
Carita Spångberg 2) Employee representative SE       -
Lotta Widehäll 2) Employee representative SE       -
1) Refers to independence in relation to the company and management, and independeance in relation to major shareholders.
2) Deputy.


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