Group Management and structure

The organization encompasses divisions, Group staff functions and Group strategic functions.

President and executive management

Husqvarna’s executive management consists of the Executive Team and Group Management. The Executive Team comprises the President and CEO, Group CFO, the four division Presidents, the SVP of People, Organization & Communication and the General Counsel (Head of Legal affairs). Group Management consists of the Executive Team members as well as the SVP of Business Development, the SVP of Group Operations, the SVP of Technology Office, the SVP of Brand & Marketing and the SVP of Program Office for the Accelerated Improvement Program.

Executive Team

The Executive Team makes decisions on (i) enhancing Group synergies,(ii) internal financial and business follow-up, iii) external financial reporting for Board approval, (iv) Group governance, (v) Group staffing plans, and (vi) issue resolution. Executive Team meetings are chaired by the President and CEO who has a casting vote. The Executive Team meets monthly by video and/or telephone and quarterly in person.

Group Management

Group Management is the management team for the Company and makes decisions on matters related to (i) the Group’s strategic and business development, (ii) budgets, (iii) external affairs, (iiii) board reporting, and (v) risk handling and mitigation as well as (vi) Group policies and guidelines. Group Management meetings are chaired by the President and CEO who has a casting vote. The Group Management meets monthly by video and/or telephone and quarterly in person.

President and CEO

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board and is responsible for the ongoing management of the company in accordance with the Board’s guidelines and instructions. These instructions include responsibility for financial reporting, preparation of information for decisions, and ensuring that commitments, agreements and other legal documents do not conflict with Swedish or foreign legislation or ordinances, including competition regulations. The President and CEO shall also ensure compliance with goals, policies and strategic plans, as well as updating these when necessary. The President and CEO appoints all members of Group Management.

Staff functions

The Group Staff functions comprise the functions headed by the Group CFO, the General Counsel and the Group’s SVP of People, Organization & Communication.

Group strategic functions

Group strategic functions comprise Group Operations, the Technology Office, the Brand & Marketing function, Strategic Sales function, Business Development function and the Program Office - Accelerated Improvement Program. Group strategic functions are responsible for designing the strategic framework under which each part of the value chain operates in order for it to be optimal within the Group. The strategic framework includes the long-term vision within each function and Group instructions or guidelines. Group strategic functions are also responsible for ensuring that the divisions execute their business in line with such a framework. Group strategic functions are critical in driving innovation and creating a strong market position, as well as in ensuring synergies, consistency and best practice sharing.

Brand divisions

The brand divisions consist of the Husqvarna Division, the Gardena Division, the Consumer Brands Division and the Construction Division. Each brand division President is responsible for the income statement and balance sheet for its division as well as any decisions affecting the division. All decisions made by a division shall be subject to the Group’s overall strategic goals, Group policies, procedures, instructions and guidelines.