International assignments

As an international company, we encourage mobility between functions, business units, countries and regions. International assignments are first and foremost used to ensure that we are able to utilize the skills and talents of our global workforce across international borders.

Through international assignments we can share and transfer knowledge and company know-how in-between countries within the Group. We use an open job-market approach to increase career opportunities and mobility. The Group’s job posting and recruitment database is a springboard for employees seeking career opportunities within the Husqvarna Group.

International assignments are driven by organizational needs, the transfer of knowledge and competence as well as providing career development opportunities. These are carried out in line with the business unit mission and its operations and performed in a cost-effective, fair and consistent approach across all business units. An international assignment can provide:

  • Increased understanding of our cross-functional and cross-border business processes
  • The opportunity to learn from different cultures
  • Exposure to different role models and best practices


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