Conversion of shares

At Husqvarna AB´s Annual General Meeting on 27 April 2010, it was resolved to amend Husqvarna´s articles of association, whereby shareholders in Husqvarna, who hold A-shares from time to time shall be entitled to request conversion of their A-shares into B-shares.

Holders of Husqvarna A-shares, who have the shares directly registered, and wish to convert those to B-share are asked to use the form ”Conversion of shares” (see the right side of this page) and send the form to Husqvarna c/o SEB Emissioner, at the address stated on the form. Please note that the shares will be locked in during the turnaround time, and can thus not be traded in on the stock exchange.

In case the owner has A shares registered in a custodian account the custodian must complete the form.

Husqvarna will process the conversion forms and notify the conversion requests to the Swedish Companies Registration Office by the end of each quarter. Shareholders who wish to convert a larger number of A-shares, please contact Husqvarna, email: The conversion will be completed once registration has been made and Euroclear (the Swedish Central Securities Depositary) has recorded the conversion in the share register of Husqvarna. SEB Emissioner will then ensure that the A-shares in the corresponding VP- or custody account are exchanged for B-shares.

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Conversion of shares