Husqvarna Group’s most important contribution to the communities where it operates is to perform basic business activities as effectively as possible following the Code of Conduct.

Distribution of economic value

With more than 13,000 employees in more than 40 countries, as well as products sold through major retailer chains and 25,000 servicing dealers and directly to construction companies in more than 100 countries, the Group influences the economic and social development of many communities.

The Group contributes to economic development for example by paying wages, contributing to pensions and social security plans as well as by paying taxes.

Sustainability KPI´s

Husqvarna Group has a long tradition of local community engagement. Support can be in the form of products, services or economic support.

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Sustainability report

Anti-corruption initiative

From our Code of Conduct, Fairness in all business relations: 

" The Husqvarna Group must, at all times, stay committed to exercise fairness in all dealings with business partners and stakeholders. The Husqvarna Group does not tolerate corruption or ­bribery in any form."

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