Performance review

The Group’s performance review process focuses on evaluation of employees past performance and planning of objectives for the coming period.

For every team, manager and employee at Husqvarna Group, the performance review process is an important opportunity to align around where we are going and how we are going to get there. The goal is for 80 percent of all employees to undergo a performance review every year. In 2014, 69 percent (64) of all employees had a performance review, of which 87 percent (85) of white-collar employees and 54 percent (47) of blue-collar employees participated. Performance reviews correlate with higher satisfaction levels as measured in the employee survey follow-up.

Mark Majors, Regional Sales Manager for Husqvarna Construction, USA, describes how he ensures maximum output from the process:

With 16 years under his belt, Mark has worked hard at refining a performance review process that will work with the constraints and challenges of the team he manages.

The process begins with a team webinar that consists of reviewing the team objectives that have been set for the region. This meeting allows Mark to set his team expectations for the year. The team can also reflect on how improvements can be made and how they will implement their plans for the year.

Following his kick-off meeting Mark goes into planning mode. He reviews, plans and sets goals for each employee based on a series of criteria he and the team are measured on. Following his planning sessions, Mark allocates a two to three hour performance review meeting for each employee to review annual goals and objectives. This time is used to address each employee individually, to speak about goals for the year, areas of improvement and training needs.

After setting employee objectives, Mark makes sure the team continues to work towards their personal and team objectives by:

  • Daily / Weekly team communications on sales 
  • Monthly team performance conference calls
  • Twice yearly, business review (that each employee conducts separately) to an audience of their peers, Human Resources, Sales Directors and the President of the division.