Cooperating with AIESEC

AIESEC is the world's largest student organization, represented at more than 1,700 universities in 107 countries. In cooperation with AIESEC, Husqvarna Group recruits students and new graduates from different countries.

Sascha Menges, member of Husqvarna Group Management, wants to share his experience from the AIESEC organization.


Sascha Menges, President Gardena Division, Ulm, Germany

What is your personal experience with AIESEC?

I joined AIESEC when I studied at the Technical University of Zürich, Switzerland. I was part of organizing job fairs and conferences on economics and ecology and I participated in several conferences organized by AIESEC. I enjoyed the spirit of AIESEC and the friendships.

Do you have any personal experience with AIESEC trainees?

Absolutely. We have hired multiple AIESEC trainees in Manufacturing & Logistics, with whom we had very positive experiences. Almost all of them transferred to permanent jobs after their internship.

My experience with AIESEC trainees is that all are extremely committed, smart, curious in a positive way, and culturally a very open group which supports Husqvarna Group in transitioning from local operations into a global group.

Where do you see the role of AIESEC Program in Husqvarna Group?

I see a big role of AIESEC in building bridges across regional hubs. And through AIESEC, we get highly qualified young people and develop them for future permanent roles.

Where do you see the future of AIESEC in Husqvarna Group?

AIESEC can add value within all functions in Husqvarna Group. Trainees are great for project assignments as they fill the need of project managers and they help strengthening the global mindset.



For Husqvarna Group the partnership means:

  • Securing the Group's local needs for people with appropriate competence and ambitions
  • Enhancing international diversity in the workplace
  • Learning through different cultural perspectives
  • A reduced learning curve. AIESEC interns normally do their best to learn new skills and quickly adapt to their work.

With this partnership it is easy to attract talented people interested in working globally within one of our departments such as purchasing, engineering, finance or sales. 

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